Soma Massage Therapy loves our local heroes and all of our amazing clients who support them, too!

When we were forced to close in March, April, and May, we relied on help from our friends, family, and fans to keep us afloat. We sold a lot of gift certificates to our clients and fans (thank you!) but we also wanted to give folks an option to support us, even if they didn’t live in the area or even “liked” massage (seriously, who are those people??)

We asked everyone we knew to buy gift certificates that would keep us going AND support local heroes like our first responders, grocery store clerks, delivery drivers, nursing home attendants, etc. People who we relied on daily to keep us safe, fed, and helped us shelter in place.

Thanks to your generosity, our clients purchased 23 gift certificates from $20 – $100 to donate to our local heroes!

If you kept us going this spring during our shelter in place orders, you qualify to receive one of these FREE Soma Massage Therapy gift certificates!

We know that our essential workers may not be able to duck away from their jobs to call us before the next person does. The nature of being on the front line is pretty critical and time sensitive, after all. So rather than “first come, first served”, we are doing a drawing.

If you were deemed an essential worker during this past spring, please enter yourself in this drawing by filling out this form. Deadline to enter is Friday, Sept. 25.

Thank you to everyone who supported us when we were closed, and thank you most especially to our front line heroes for all that you do for our community!

Not all heroes wear capes. But they all wear masks. 


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