Em spent most of her life in Colorado and is a relatively new Texas transplant.  She has spent hundreds of hours volunteering as a massage therapist at both a Warrior Resource Center and an End of Life Care facility, which has created a special place in her heart for First Responders, Veterans, and pregnant people, and has cultivated a special understanding when it comes to easing anxiety and PTSD.

Blessed with Intuitive Hands, Em believes in a Bio/Psycho/Social approach to Whole Heath and Wellness, which has led her to incorporate multiple modalities into each customized massage session. Em constantly seeks to add new knowledge and skills and currently includes prenatal, reflexology, lomi lomi, Swedish, myofascial release, fire cupping, hot stones, reiki, lymphatic massage, and aromatherapy to name a few.

Em would bring her dog to work everyday and grow plants in the breakroom if she could.


A note about Em’s style of Energy Work:
Utilizing a variety of techniques, such as tapping into the mind/body connection, and incorporating reiki, singing bowls, and nurturing touch, we create an individualized session to meet your energetic needs.

As an Intuitive Massage Therapist, I process and interpret innumerable data points from your body — like the tension pattern in the fascia, lymphatic flow, and muscular response — on an almost subconscious level. I then cross reference this with the data points from my extensive experience and education, which can lead you to a deeper insight about yourself and areas that may need more support or attention. My hands will find the most beneficial level of pressure and combination of strokes to achieve the support and improvement you need.