Info on our Rate Change in 2022:

Beginning January 1, 2022, we will be changing our rates here at Soma Massage Therapy.

I didn't come to this decision lightly. I never got into the business of healing people because I wanted to get rich, and have always been intentional about wanting to make sure that massage was as accessible and as affordable to as many people as possible.

Our new (and improved!) studio has given us more opportunities to care for more people, and it has allowed us to provide an enhanced experience compared to our previous studio (can we talk about those amazing towel warmers in every room, for starters? Yum!).

But a bigger studio comes with bigger expenses: a dedicated front desk staff, higher utilities, higher rent, more supplies, etc etc.

Additionally, our team of therapists are working harder than ever before. There's just more to do here (have y'all seen the laundry in the back?! Yikes!), and they deserve raises for not only doing more here at the new place, but also for selflessly putting themselves on the front lines during a global pandemic to heal and care for those who were stressed, broken, scared, and in pain. That's what heroes do, and I'm so proud of them all.

Because of their dedication to our clients and their faith in me to keep them safe, I was able to rebuild my nearly-destroyed business and create this healing space we have today.

And that deserves a raise for sure. All therapists are receiving an increase in pay starting January 2022. My front desk team will be getting raises too.

We will continue to have our 100% no tipping policy -- because I am dedicated to paying my team a living wage so you don't have to (see literally everything I wrote above) and feel that as health care workers, it's not necessary. After all, if you've never tipped your physical therapist or chiropractor, why would you tip us?

All unexpired gift certificates and 6 packs will still be honored at their full value in 2022. Beyond the expiration date, we will still honor your gift cards and packages, but an additional fee will be charged to make up the difference in price.

Thank you for believing in me and in my team. And thank you for trusting that this decision is not made due to greed, but in the spirit of generosity towards my hardworking team. I'd pay them a million bucks if I could, but then you probably couldn't afford to come here anymore. So $80/hour seemed like a good compromise 🙂

Thank you. Love you. And see you in 2022.

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